Panama Legal Advisors Worldwide
Panama Legal Advisors Worldwide

In P.L.A.W., we advise you integrally on multiple legal fields. The professionalism of our lawyers allows us to commit ourselves in obtaining and accomplishing all the goals and objectives of our clients. Besides this, we advise your business, always ensuring that you get the best benefit, like the one that offers you a jurisdiction like Panama, which secures the best performance of your enterprise.


Commercial and Corporate Law:

Our group of lawyers provide a great range of legal services, advising our clients in all their legal issues and giving them guidance and support throughout the development of their companies. We are compromised to advice companies of all sizes and counsel them in important international transactions. We are interested in taking part integrally in the company’s transactions since this helps us to understand all problems and priorities. We provide effective solutions to these issues by always ensuring the best possible outcome for your business. Our professional team of lawyers provides legal service in the following areas:
Unfair competition and monopolies, elaboration of contracts, contract negotiations, formation of joint ventures, company formation, mergers and acquisitions, consumer protection, private interest foundations, trusts, elaboration of public deeds, notary public services, transactions in the Public Registry of Panama.

Real Estate Investment

Our professional team of attorneys, advise local and international clients on their real estate purchases. Real estate transactions in our country are registered at the Public Registry of Panama; therefore, before you purchase a property, the title of the property should be investigated to ensure that the property has not been subject of any encumbrance.
If it is the case that the property which you are planning to purchase is not titled and the seller has a possession right over the property, then our firm compromises to provide you with diligent legal advice regarding the nature of the title and the measures and precaution you should take to ensure that your right over the property will later not be disputed.

Panama's constantly growing real estate industry offers opportunities to investors. There are a huge number of real estate projects, such as resorts and hotels, shopping centers, private residences, apartments and condos, industrial parks and multi-modal port facilities which have turned our country into a worldwide known real estate development market. The correct management of these assets will allow our clients to grow and make their investments solid. This is why P.L.A.W has qualified lawyers to guide you in real estate transactions and give continuous legal advice for the preservation and expansion of your assets.


Tax Law

Taxation in Panama is of territorial nature, which means that income generated by an offshore company outside of Panama’s territory is not subject of tax. This is of high benefit for foreigners who have there companies running outside of Panama and want to use a Panamanian offshore company for tax planning purposes.
In P.L.A.W. we work with our own accountants to guarantee that adequate advice is given in regards to specific transactions and their taxable consequences. We offer tax consulting services which provide our clients with a clear understanding of the complex tax legislation that applies to their investments and transactions.

Our professional team of lawyers provides counseling in the taxation area:

Legal interpretation, application and extent of tax legislation, modifications, rules and regulations issued by the Tax Revenue Office, Tax liability minimization, legal advice for taxation involving investments and other tax legal services.


Immigration Law

Due to the real estate boom expats, retirees and investors in general have found Panama an attractive place to buy properties and establish. For this, the Panamanian government has created different types of visas as an incentive for foreigners to come and invest in our country.  In P.L.A.W. we advise our client which is the best visa to apply for if they want permanent residence in Panama.
We also advise companies that have foreign employees and other individuals to apply and obtain a legal status while staying in our country. All foreigners that enter Panamanian territory for a period longer than that specified on their tourist visa need a special permit issued by the Panamanian government.
Among the services we offer in this area are the following:
Paper work of visas, visas extensions, residency permits, and authorized visas among others.


Banking Law

Panama is a first class international banking center; it is positioned as the second most important international banking center after Switzerland with over 100 Banks which proves that we have the best secrecy and confidentiality laws. The Panamanian banks we work with offer corporate bank accounts including either savings or checking accounts, time deposits (CD’s), online banking and credit cards, plus you can get up to 5% interest on one-year deposits in USD. The national currency in Panama is the US dollar/Panamanian balboa; however, euro accounts and sterling pounds are available as well.
One of the most important reasons for incorporating a Panamanian offshore company or  Panamanian private interest foundation is to gain anonymity and protect your assets, but these asset protection tools are not complete without there correspondent bank account. In P.L.A.W. we will assist you with bank account introductions for personal or corporate bank accounts with reputable banks located in Panama.
Among the legal services our law firm offers are:
Presentation of paper work before the Superintendence of Banks of Panama, drafting and legal assessment in contracts, among others.


Intellectual & industrial property

Our IP team has an excellent team of professionals specialized in Intellectual Property Law. In P.L.A.W. we provide you with the service of internet domain name registration and management. The domain names registered in Panama will be under the country code .pa.
Our services include: registration and protection of trademarks, patents registration and revocation utility models, designs, copyrights and domain names registration and management. Our team is highly qualified to handle litigations and the opposition or annulment actions of trademarks registrations, trademarks infringements, and copyrights infringements among others. We offer our clients the option to take the precaution to register trademarks in the rest of the world in order to avoid having rival competitors excluding their use. These actions are taken through our worldwide correspondants. We are also specialized in the licensing, distributorship and franchise agreements for food and drug, and unfair competition. 




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